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Handout for Your Patients in Clinic – Which Anticoagulant to Use for DVT and PE

Stephan Moll, MD writes…  Patients who are on warfarin for a history of DVT or PE  may inquire whether a switch to one of the  new oral anticoagulants is appropriate.  Similarly, many physicians initiate this discussion with their patients.

This is, obviously, a detailed discussion and an individualized decision with a number of factors to be considered.  We have developed a two-page “Comparison of Oral Blood Thinners”  handout for patients, to assist with and summarize the discussion.  This sheet allows a structured  discussion with the patient about the pros and cons of the various anticoagulant choices.  The reader is welcome to print this resource and use it as a handout for his/her patients.

Disclosure:  I have been a consultant for  Boehringer-Ingelheim, Daiichi, and Janssen.

Last Updated:  Dec 19th, 2013


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