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ACCP 2012 Guidelines: A Great, New, User-Friendly Summary

Stephan Moll, MD writes…  The more than 20 chapters and 801 pages of the respected 2012 ACCP Antithrombotic Therapy Guidelines – beautifully evidence-based, but always very cumbersome to read for the clinician looking for quick management guidance -, have now been summarized by the ACCP into a visually appealing, uncluttered, clinician-user-friendly document, referred to as “ACCP 2012 Reference Guide” (link to it here).  This was a much-needed development.  The only thing missing now is that one can buy this (90 page summary) as a hard copy for even better, i.e. quicker reference.  This is a highly recommended document for anybody involved in clinical decision-making in regard to antithrombotics in patients at risk for or with established arterial or venous thromboembolism. A very nice, new resource.


The full ACCP 2012 Antithrombotic Therapy Guidelines can be found here.


Last updated:  Oct 24th, 2012

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