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DVT and PE: How Long to Treat With Anticoagulants?

Explanation for Patients

The complex topic of “Length of Anticoagulant Treatment” for patients with VTE  is being addressed in a blog entry written for patients, found on the Clot Connect patient education blog (here).

For the Health Care Professional

Well respected treatment guidelines exist [ref 1,2].

  • The comprehensive ACCP (American College of Chest Physicians) guidelines are highly valued[ref 1]. They were last published in 2012.
  • A a very solid guideline, yet less comprehensive in some regards (does not cover DVT of the mid-thigh, or distal leg; does not cover superficial thrombophlebitis) was publishedin 2011 by the American Heart Association[ref 2].
  • For many health care providers, these guidelines are cumbersome to use in clinical practice and difficult to apply to individual patients, due to their extensiveness and complexity. Solid, down-to-the-point, practical “How-to” approaches have, therefore, been published [ref 3,4].


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Disclosure:  I have no relevant financial conflict of interest with this blog entry.

Last updated: Feb 1st, 2013

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